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High-potency Supplements

At Herbolab we only sell the highest quality ingredients, concentrated and standardized for their active components. This ensures you get maximum potency time after time.

Our Guarantee & Promise

We’re proud to offer you a 30-day (from shipment date) money-back guarantee on all products sold through Learn more about our Guarantees.

Just Facts

We cut through marketing hype and present each benefit statement and health claim with the adequate citation to support it so you can verify facts independently.

Our Products

  • Tongkat Ali

    $69.99 - $55.99

    Supports healthy testosterone levels to promote sexual health, muscle mass, strength, and better mood*†.

  • Maca

    $29.99 - $23.99

    Helps regulate and support hormonal levels to promote sexual health, energy and stamina*†.

  • 15-60%

    Korean Red Ginseng

    $44.99 $38.24 - $30.59

    Herbal tonic with beneficial effects on sexual health, immune system, and physical wellbeing, among many others*†.

  • 15-35%


    $15.99 $15.98 - $12.78

    An herbal adaptogen that promotes reproductive health, as well as overall physical and mental wellness*†.

  • 15-45%

    Men’s Multivitamin

    $14.99 $14.98 - $11.98

    A men's multivitamin requiring only 1 tablet per day giving you 20 vitamins and minerals and 300 mcg of the antioxidant lycopene.

  • 15-25%

    Horny Goat Weed

    $19.99 $16.99 - $13.59

    Supports sexual health, enhances mood, cognitive health booster and improves bone health*†.

† Results may vary.

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